Saturday, February 25, 2012

NY Buying Trip

I have just got back from my wonderful trip in NYC. I must say i was a little apprehensive going on my own but I loved it.
NY is such a multifaceted city and I took full use of my $29 unlimited 7 day ride Metro ticket.
Has to be the best bargain as you can jump on and off the subway and bus system to get everywhere in the city.
Walked the pavement for hours and got so inspired by the displays in other small stores and some big ones as well.
I found the fashion fairs full of great clothing and found some new and exciting brands to have in Scarlet, including the best boots and shoes that are from Italy.
I had a wonderful reception when going to buy the latest and greatest from Lilith in their NY Office. The new winter line that i have just bought would have to be one of the best, the coats are just fabulous. I will keep you posted when they arrive. Meanwhile the new Winter stock is just going out at Scarlet so come in and take a look.
And keep an eye out. When the new stock comes in it will be on this blog.

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